Why is my dog so hyper around other dogs?

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Why is my dog so hyper around other dogs

Hyper dogs can be tough to deal with. It can be especially challenging if your dog gets hyper around other dogs.

Is there anything you can do to help your dog calm down around others?

The good news is: Yes, there is! This article will go into why your dog gets so hyper, and what you can do to keep him calm.

Why is my dog so hyper around other dogs?

If you have friends or family members who have dogs, then getting all of the dogs together is a great idea for lots of reasons.

For one thing, meeting up with other dogs can help your dog socialize properly, and playing with his doggy friends can burn off a lot of excess energy. This means that he’ll be much calmer later.

But some dogs seem to struggle when it comes to meeting and playing with other dogs. Your dog might be too hyper, which could make it difficult for him to get along with others.

If you want to help your dog stay calm when he’s around other dogs, there are lots of great ways to do that. Before we get into why your dog could be getting so hyper around other dogs, check out these related articles:

The reason why your dog gets over excited around other dogs might simply be that he has too much energy to burn, or that he just gets overstimulated by them. Poor socialization can also be a cause, as can anxiety. The behavior can get reinforced if not corrected.

Pent up energy

One of the biggest reasons why dogs tend to get hyper is because they have some pent up excess energy.

Now that he’s around other dogs, your dog is trying to release all of that energy. Unfortunately, the way he’s trying to release all of this energy can be pretty unnerving for the dogs around him.

Dogs that are too hyper can be difficult to get under control. It’s also difficult for your dog to control himself.

He might come off as too pushy or even threatening for other dogs. This means that they probably won’t want to play with your dog.

It could also mean that a fight might start up between the dogs. It’s important to deal with this hyperactivity to keep all dogs involved in playtime safe.

If your dog is hyper around other dogs, fights could happen.
If your dog is hyper around other dogs, fights could happen.

Not properly socialized

One of the most important things you can do for your dog is teach him how to socialize properly!

Working on socialization should begin as soon as you are able to start. This is usually after your dog has received all of his necessary vaccinations.

It’s important to know what a puppy vaccination schedule looks like so you can make sure you’re getting your puppy the protection he needs.

So what does socialization actually look like? It’s all about teaching your dog how to interact with other dogs and people.

There are lots of great ways to socialize your puppy. If you have friends or family with dogs, ask them for a doggy playdate. Introduce the dogs slowly to each other so they can get to know each other.

Another thing you can try is doggy daycare. It’s best not to jump straight to this though. Instead, make sure he’s okay meeting other dogs one-on-one with you supervising before trying daycare.

But once your puppy has met some other dogs, he can go to daycare. This will help to keep his socialization skills strong.

One thing to watch out for if you send your puppy to daycare is whether he gets overtired. Why is your puppy overtired after daycare? Once you understand why this happens, you can help prevent it in your dog.

The behavior has been reinforced

We may be reinforcing a lot of unwanted behaviors in our dogs without us even realizing it.

Positive reinforcement dog training means rewarding your dog for behaviors you want to continue, and ignoring behaviors you don’t like.

But a reward doesn’t always mean a treat and a “good dog!” Sometimes we reward our dogs simply by giving them any kind of attention.

It can also be reinforcement when we don’t do anything to stop the behavior. If you’ve never addressed your dog’s overexcited, hyper behavior around other dogs, that could end up reinforcing it.

This is why it’s so important to get a handle on things like this as quickly as possible. No one ever told your dog it wasn’t polite to act this way around other dogs. It’s your job to show him a better way!

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When dogs get overstimulated, they stop being able to control themselves.

Meeting up with other dogs and people can be pretty exciting. For some dogs, unfortunately, it can be a little too exciting.

Being overstimulated could trigger hyperactivity. There’s just so much to do, and it’s so much fun to play with other dogs!

But this isn’t going to help your dog make any friends. If your dog tends to get overstimulated when around other dogs, it’s best to go slow.

Start by greeting each other from far away and slowly move closer as the dogs calm down.

You want your dog to stay in control of himself—and you want to stay in control of the situation too!

Stress or anxiety

Excitement at meeting new friends isn’t the only thing that can overstimulate a dog.

Another major issue could be that your dog gets stressed out or anxious around others. Some dogs tend to be reactive, especially around other dogs. This could be why your dog is getting so hyper.

There are lots of things that could trigger stress in these situations. If you’re looking to learn more about how to help a stressed dog, check out these articles:

10 tips for dogs that get hyper excited around other dogs

It’s hard to deal with a dog that won’t settle down around other dogs. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do. Here are some tips that will help your dog stay calm.

calm dog in lawn
It’s absolutely possible to teach your dog not get super excited around others.

1. Practice calm behavior at a distance to other dogs

If your dog gets hyper excited around other dogs, then you need to show him what he should be doing instead.

You want to model the behavior that you want to see in your dog. That’s why it’s important to act calm in situations like this.

You should also make sure that you’re starting off a fair distance away from the other dog. If you get too close too quickly, that’s not going to help your dog ease into the meeting.

Instead, move slowly. Start far enough away that you can still get your dog to listen to commands. If at any point your dog starts getting too excited again, it’s time to back off.

2. Teach calm behavior before even leaving the house

If your dog doesn’t know how to be calm, then he’s not going to know how to behave when you encounter other dogs. As his human, it’s your job to show him what good behavior looks like.

Before you even leave the house, you should be showing your dog what behavior you want to see.

So how can you do this? By using positive reinforcement! Whenever your dog chooses to be calm, you should reward him.

You should also try to remain calm when you’re in the house yourself.

3. Practice leash walking

If your dog is unable to keep himself calm in situations around other dogs, you need to make sure you have good control over him.

Teaching him how to behave with a leash on is important. While your dog is wearing a leash, you’ll be able to pull him away from dangerous situations. The leash will also help keep your dog distanced from other dogs.

If your dog gets hyper around other dogs, a leash is essential.
If your dog gets hyper around other dogs, a leash is essential.

You’ll want to make sure that your dog knows how to walk politely on a leash. This is for your own sake, along with the sake of everyone else in your area!

Check out these articles on walking your dog for helpful tips and tricks:

4. Avoid dog contact on a leash

Until your dog knows how to behave better around other dogs, it’s best to avoid them.

You want to introduce your dog to other dogs when the environment is calm and controlled. When you’re out for a walk, the world is a little too unpredictable. Your dog could end up having more negative experiences than positive ones with other dogs.

Do your best to avoid contact with other dogs while you’re walking your dog on a leash. You can do this by walking in areas you know are less busy. Walking your dog at times of the day when you know less people are out will also help.

5. Slowly increase dog distractions

You’re going to teach your dog to be calm around others by using a training method called desensitization. Basically, what this means is removing a stimulus and reintroducing it slowly and in controlled ways.

This helps your dog get used to the stimulus, that is, desensitized to it.

Once you’ve got your dog walking calmly on a leash, slowly increase the number of dogs you encounter. You can enlist the help of friends or family members for this. Remember, keep your dog at a distance and make sure that he’s still willing to listen to commands.

6. Keep him under the threshold

“Threshold” refers to your dog’s ability to listen to you and stay calm in situations. If you keep your dog under threshold, you’ll still be in control of what’s going on.

But if your dog goes over threshold, he’ll stop listening to you and will become more and more hyper.

This is why it’s important to keep your dog under his threshold. Over time, your dog’s threshold will start to increase. You’ll be able to get closer and closer to more dogs without your dog getting hyper.

But you need to be patient and start small. Always make sure that your dog is able to listen to you.

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7. Teach him to focus on you

You want to be able to keep your dog’s attention. This will be an important part of keeping him and everyone around you safe and comfortable.

To do this, teach your dog the “focus” command. All you need to do is get your dog to make eye contact with you. You can do this by getting him to look at your finger, then moving your finger to between your eyes. As soon as your dog’s eyes meet yours, say “yes,” and give him a reward.

Start using the command “focus” whenever you do this. Eventually, you’ll be able to say “focus” and your dog should look right at you.

8. Use a front-attach-harness

You should make sure that you and your dog have the right equipment. This will make training easier.

Many people simply use collars for their dogs’ leashes. But a harness is actually a much more comfortable choice since it won’t choke your dog if he pulls.

Front-attach harnesses will also help you have much more control over your dog. You’ll have a far easier time pulling him away from any situations you need to get out of quickly.

9. Practice with a friend

Have any friends with well-trained and calm dogs? See if you can set up a meeting!

A willing friend can be super helpful for training things like this. You’ll be able to practice staying calm with your dog around others until your dog is better able to control himself.

Plus, you’ll be practicing with someone you know you can trust!

10.  Visit group classes

Once your dog has settled enough around others to be able to be near other dogs, try signing up for group classes.

Lots of dog training companies will have classes designed for dogs that have trouble being around others. See if there are any in your area.

Make sure you do your research and look for a trainer that focuses on positive reinforcement.

Group training can help your dog be less hyper around other dogs.
Group training can help your dog be less hyper around other dogs.

FAQ about why your dog is so hyper around other dogs

Have some more questions on this topic? Here are some answers!

How do I get my dog to come when other dogs are around?

If your dog struggles to respond to you when he’s near other dogs, this isn’t just annoying. It could also mean your dog puts himself in unsafe situations that you can’t get him out of.

You need to make sure that your dog is both able and willing to listen to you when there are a lot of distractions going on.

This can be a challenging thing to train, but it’s definitely possible! These 13 tips to teach your dog to come when called will be helpful.

My dog gets too excited when I come home, what can I do?

You’re probably pretty happy to see your dog after a long day of work. But if your dog gets too excited, that can be really frustrating.

There are lots of reasons why dogs might get too excited when their humans come home. If they’ve spent the day bored at home, they’ll have a lot of pent-up energy that they need to get rid of.

One way to help is to start your day off with the right routine. Here’s the best morning routine with a dog before work.

Also, here are 11 tips to keep your dog from being bored when home alone!

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Why is my puppy so hyper and aggressive?

Does your dog seem to get aggressive when he’s getting hyper? Aggressive dogs can be difficult to deal with, and they can also be dangerous.

If your puppy is acting aggressive, you need to make sure you are addressing this behavior right away. If you don’t then it’s only going to get worse.

It’s important to understand the difference between aggression and normal puppy behavior. Puppies and even adult dogs will growl and bite a little bit when playing with each other. But there are major red flags to watch out for that could indicate your puppy is aggressive.

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The most important thing to do is teach your dog how to stay calm on walks. There are a lot of helpful ways to do this.

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If your dog gets super hyper around other dogs, this can be really frustrating. It’s important to know how to help your dog calm down in situations like this.

Remember to keep all the above tips in mind. Start small, keep your dog below threshold, and stay patient. With time and practice, your dog will be able to meet other dogs and make new friends!

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