Why is my puppy overtired after daycare?

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why is my puppy overtired after daycare

Is your puppy overtired after daycare?

You’re probably super glad to have found a daycare where your puppy is looked after while you’re at work.

The only issue is that your puppy doesn’t quite seem to be himself when he’s coming home in the evening. He’s super hyper and acting totally crazy. He looks a bit like an overtired toddler, actually.

So, you’re probably wondering: why is my puppy overtired after daycare?

Well, being tired after daycare is completely normal for a dog. But it shouldn’t go as far as him being totally exhausted and overtired.

Why is my dog so tired after daycare?

Bringing your dog to doggy daycare is a great way to do a few things. First, it helps to ensure that your puppy or dog is getting lots of socialization. It also keeps him busy during the day while you’re at work, and can help him burn some energy.

If you’ve ever heard the term “a tired dog is a happy dog,” then you know that burning energy is good for your dog!

But there is a difference between being tired and relaxed and being overtired or exhausted.

Exhaustion or being too tired can cause a lot of problems for you and your dog. It can also be dangerous for your dog to not get the rest that he needs!

If your puppy is overtired after daycare, then there are a few reasons why that may be.

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There’s nonstop action

At home, you may notice that your dog is able to lie down and take little naps throughout the day. This is because your home is quiet enough for him to get the rest throughout the day that he needs.

But at daycare, it’s a different story. There are so many dogs everywhere, and there’s always something going on.

This can make it hard for your dog to relax while he’s at daycare!

He may be able to find a quiet place to lie down for a few minutes, but it’s unlikely that he’ll actually be able to sleep. He’ll be too distracted by everything going on around him.

There are so many exciting dog buddies

Dogs are super social animals! In fact, one of the main things that dogs are bred for is for companionship.

And there are lots of other dogs at your dog’s daycare. So many other dogs to make new friends with!

While this can be super fun for your dog, it can also be overstimulating. Also consider the fact that different dogs have different personalities. Hanging out with other dogs that are generally calm will help your dog relax.

But there are probably lots of dogs at daycare with more rambunctious personalities. This means that your dog is likely to be even more stimulated while he’s at daycare!

He doesn’t sleep during daycare (even though he should sleep about 20 hours/day)

Dogs need a lot of sleep. Depending on the breed, most adult dogs need to sleep around 12 to 14 hours a day.

Puppies need even more sleep. If you’ve ever wondered “Can a puppy sleep too much?” then rest assured that the answer is usually “No.” Most puppies need somewhere between 18 to 20 hours of sleep.

If your dog or puppy isn’t getting enough sleep, then you may find him behaving poorly. A dog that’s overtired will lose control of himself, and could even put himself in dangerous situations.

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My puppy seems overtired after daycare

If your puppy seems more than just tired and relaxed after his day at daycare, you may be wondering what to do. Here’s a little more information on how you can help your overtired puppy.

My puppy is hyper after daycare. Is he overtired?

If you hear the word “overtired” you may have a certain image in mind. You might think that a dog that’s overtired is one that wants to sleep a lot, or relax.

But often that’s not the case. A lot of the time, a dog that’s overtired will want to do anything but sleep!

If your puppy is overtired, then you might find that his zoomies are triggered, and that it’s impossible to get him to stop moving. You may also find that he’s biting and nibbling when normally he’s not as mouthy.

He could also be panting more than usual, or licking his lip frequently.

One of the number one signs of an overtired dog is a loss of manner. Dogs or puppies who are overtired tend to completely forget all the manners that you’ve carefully trained him with.

So, if your puppy is acting super hyper, especially after a busy day at daycare, then he most likely is overtired!

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How to calm an overtired puppy

If your dog is overtired, then calming him down can be a really challenging task. After all, if your puppy isn’t able to calm himself down, then what are you supposed to do?

There are a few ways you can help your puppy settle down. The number one thing is to act calmly yourself. Speak quietly and in a low voice to keep from stimulating your puppy even more.

You can also try holding your puppy still. This will help him remember his body and come back to the present.

Finally, consider crate training your puppy. When he gets overtired and starts acting out, you can put him in his crate. This will give him a good, safe place to settle down and relax when he’s getting too hyper.

For more information, check out how to crate train a dog easily in 13 steps.

How do I know if my dog likes daycare?

You want your dog to enjoy his daycare experience. But unfortunately, he can’t simply tell you whether he does or not! It’s up to you to pick up on his hints.

Remember that the goal of going to daycare isn’t to exhaust your dog. If your dog is way too hyper or seems stressed after he comes home from daycare, then he might not like it very much.

Your dog may also seem reluctant to get into the car if he knows that he’s going to daycare.

If, on the other hand, your dog is happy and relaxed when he gets home, or he perks up at the word “daycare,” then that means he probably likes it!

Make sure that you also talk to the staff at your dog’s daycare. A good daycare has staff that will be transparent and honest, and tell you whether or not they truly think that their facility is a good fit for your dog.

Why is my puppy sad after daycare?

If your puppy seems sad after daycare, then the first thing you should do is look at the daycare.

Make sure that the facility is staffed properly. A good daycare should have more than one person on staff for every 15 dogs there. Dogs should also be separated by both size and age to make sure play is safe between all dogs.

Even better is to separate dogs further by play style!

If your dog’s facility seems to fit the bill, then your puppy may just be sad about leaving all his friends behind. But if you think that your dog’s daycare may not be the best place for him, don’t hesitate to look into other options.

Also keep in mind that your puppy might look sad while actually just being tired. If all he wants to do is curl up in his bed and take a nap after daycare, that’s actually the best it can get!

My dog stinks after daycare

One of the main things you should be looking at when you’re searching for a doggy daycare is cleanliness. Make sure that the facility is clean and tidy. Dogs that are in dirty environments can easily pick up illness and disease.

If the facility seems clean, then your dog might just stink because of what doggy playtime looks like! Some dogs like to mouth each other’s faces, which is entirely normal. Unfortunately, dog breath and drool isn’t the nicest smelling thing in the world. Your dog may come home stinking of the other pups at his daycare!

why is my puppy overtired after daycare

My dog is crying after daycare

If your dog is crying after daycare, there are a few possible causes. Your dog may be sad about leaving his friends behind.

Excessive crying and whining could also be a sign that your dog is overtired. In that case, you’ll need to help your dog calm down once you get home. You may also want to look into a different, calmer daycare, or another option.

You may also want to look your dog over. It’s normal for dogs to get small scratches and nicks while playing with others. But if the play is super rough, then your dog may be pretty sore. If that’s the case, try looking for a daycare that separates dogs by play style instead.


Daycare can be super helpful for you and for your dog! It can help your dog socialize, stay active, and make new friends.

But remember that the goal of daycare should never be to completely exhaust your dog. While yes, a tired dog is a happy dog, an exhausted or overtired dog is not safe or healthy.

When you’re looking for a daycare, remember to ask lots of questions. Don’t think that any question is too dumb. You’re your dog’s advocate after all, and you need to make sure that the place he’s spending most of the day is safe for him!

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