At What Age Are Puppies Most Hyper?

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at what age are puppies most hyper

If your puppy currently has the zoomies on end, you’re likely asking yourself: “at what age are puppies most hyper? Because I can’t do that for much longer…”

That’s at least what I thought pretty much every day for the first year that Baloo was with me.

My goodness, he had the energy of 10 pups combined! And because I didn’t really know how to deal with it, I likely even encouraged his hyper behavior…

Well, after years of research and learning, I found ways to calm Baloo down a whole lot. And I’ve also got a few tips for you as a new puppy owner that will help your puppy calm down much quicker.

But let’s first look at why puppies have so much energy and then at what age they’re most hyper.

Why Do Puppies Have So Much Energy?

If you’re a proud puppy owner, then you know how much a puppy’s energy levels fluctuates throughout the day.

To stay healthy, your puppy should be sleeping around 18 to 20 hours a day. During this stage of your puppy’s life, he’s doing a ton of growing. And a lot of that growing happens while he’s sleeping.

But then your puppy wakes up and it’s the polar opposite. He’s running around, chasing things, and trying to get you to play nonstop.

So why does your puppy have so much energy during his waking hours? Well, there are a few reasons for it.

The World Is So Exciting

Think about it: you’re used to everything around you. You’ve been in this world for a while, after all! That’s why it’s so strange that everything in the world excites your puppy so much.

But your puppy isn’t used to everything around him yet. He’s still discovering, learning, and exploring. And because everything is so new, it’s all super exciting too!

Of course, that excitement is going to translate into high energy levels. There’s just so much to see and do, and your little guy is figuring it all out.

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They Don’t Know How to Calm Down

It might seem weird to say that puppies don’t know how to calm down. But knowing how to settle down is actually learned behavior.

Many puppies struggle with calming down initially because they just don’t know how to do it. Instead of lying down for a little rest, your puppy might think that it’s better to race around and terrorize your household.

Teaching your puppy how to be calm is one of the most important things you can do—for both your puppy’s health and for your sanity!

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Being Overtired Gives Them a Boost of Energy

It seems backwards, doesn’t it?

You would think that being overtired would make your puppy more likely to pass out, or at least stop running around everywhere.

But the opposite can actually be true. Overtired puppies tend to lose control of themselves, and often get a big boost of energy. This, of course, can result in puppy zoomies.

If your puppy is hyper because he’s overtired, he’ll likely show other signs. Here are 10 overtired puppy symptoms and what to do about it.

At What Age Are Puppies the Most Hyper?

So you know what causes puppies to get super hyper. But when can you expect the most hyperactivity from your little guy so you can gear up for it?

The age at which your puppy will be his most hyper is dependent on a few factors. Some breeds tend to, in general, be more hyper than others. Jack Russell Terriers, for example, are dogs that will retain a lot of their high energy levels throughout most of their lives.

Your puppy’s sex has a lot to do with the equation too. Generally female dogs mature faster than male dogs, which means females will be more likely to calm down sooner.

You play a huge role in your puppy’s energy levels too! If you make sure that your puppy gets a healthy amount of exercise during the day, that will keep him from getting hyper.

at what age are puppies most hyper

Now, as for what age puppies tend to be the most hyper, they’ll begin experiencing an increase in energy around 10 weeks old. At this age, your puppy is old enough to start exploring and learning about how the world works. And that’s just so exciting!

From about 10 to 16 weeks old, your puppy will probably still have tons and tons of energy.

So when do puppies calm down? In general, once they reach around 6 months of age those intense energy levels will start to wind down. With your help, your puppy will start learning the value of being calm, though he’ll probably still have bursts of energy.

How Do You Calm Down a Hyper Puppy?

It’s all well and good to know why your puppy is so hyper. But during his periods of intense activity, you’re probably wondering how to get him to calm down.

Here are a few tips that will help.

Reward Calm Behavior

Because calmness is actually a learned behavior for most puppies, you’re going to have to teach him how to settle down.

The best way to do this is by using positive reinforcement. The gist of it is that you reward behavior that you want your dog to continue doing while ignoring behavior you don’t want to encourage.

So, for example, if your puppy is running around, don’t interact with him at all.

If he chooses to go somewhere to lie down quietly, give him lots of love and treats. With consistency, this will teach your puppy that being calm is good and gets him rewards!

Set Up a Daily Routine

One of the best things you can do for your puppy and for yourself is set up a solid routine. Dogs thrive when they have routines, and puppies especially will find it helpful.

Routines help your puppy understand when it’s time to do specific things. As your puppy gets used to his new routine, he’ll start understanding when it’s playtime and when it’s time to settle down.

Your puppy’s routine will also help you ensure you’re giving your puppy everything he needs throughout the day!

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Start Crate Training Early

Crating your dog is a great way to help him learn to settle down. As long as you crate train your dog properly, he’ll learn that his crate is a great place where he can go for some quiet time.

You should start crate training your dog as early as possible. You can work on crate training him as soon as he comes home, in fact!

If you’re not sure where to start, here’s how to crate train a dog easily in 13 steps

You’ll also want to check out this good crate training schedule for a puppy.

Hold Him Still

In extreme cases of hyperactivity, puppies lose awareness of their physical bodies. You can help bring their awareness back by holding them still.

Get your puppy in a sitting position and hold him from behind. Take his collar gently from the back with one hand and hold his chest with the other. Having your hands in this position will prevent him from biting you.

Then, just hold him still until he settles down. You should only have to hold him for about a minute or two at most.

How Long Does the Crazy Puppy Stage Last?

Puppies are super cute, but sometimes having a puppy around can make you want to tear all your hair out. This is especially true when your puppy is going through his crazy phase.

So how long is this phase going to last?

Well, it depends on the puppy—and on you. As you saw earlier, most puppies tend to calm down once they reach around 6 months of age.

But you also need to work with your puppy to train him to be calm. Make sure that you’re using plenty of positive reinforcement for the moments when your puppy chooses to perform a calm activity.

You should also ensure that your puppy is getting a healthy amount of exercise depending on his age and breed.

By doing this, you’ll manage your puppy’s crazy stage while it’s happening. And, hopefully, you’ll encourage it to end sooner.

At What Age Are Puppies Most Destructive?

Anyone who’s ever owned a puppy knows how destructive they can be. Your puppy can’t tell the difference between your shoes and one of his toys at first.

As your puppy gets older and learns the difference between his chew toys and your furniture, he’ll get less destructive. But there are a few periods of time in his life where you can expect some serious destruction.

Most puppies tend to do the most damage when they’re teething. At this age, your puppy’s gums will be bothering him a lot, and he’ll chew on anything he can get his mouth on to relieve the discomfort.

Make sure that your puppy has plenty of things that he’s allowed to chew on nearby at all times. This will help him get out his chewing urges while keeping the rest of your house safe.


Puppies are super cute and fun, but they can be really challenging when they just can’t seem to calm down.

If your puppy is super hyper, then don’t worry—with your help, you can teach him to be calm. Just stay positive, consistent, and remember to be patient with your puppy.

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