My puppy is going crazy all of a sudden, what can I do?

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the zoomies can almost give your puppy wings

I’m sure you know those moments when your puppy seems to just lose it. You just can’t see a reason why he’d go tearing off around your home.

You might be wondering if that’s normal for a puppy, or if you’ve missed something. After all, your puppy might go crazy all of a sudden anytime: during cuddles, after some quiet time, after a bath.

Let’s find out what’s happening here, if that’s normal, and what you can do about it!

Why is my puppy going crazy all of a sudden?

Your puppy sure is cute—but you might feel like he’s a lot less cute when he’s acting like a maniac and going completely crazy.

If your puppy just seems to lose it every once in a while, and you find him racing around the house and barking like crazy, you might be confused.

For one thing, why is your puppy acting like this all of a sudden? And how on earth are you supposed to get him to stop?

Don’t worry, there are answers to both of those questions. Let’s get into the first one.

Having “the zoomies” is completely normal

If your puppy is racing around and barking and seems to have crazy eyes, he might be experiencing the zoomies.

Technically, zoomies are called “frenetic random activity periods,” or FRAPs. But most of us dog parents just call them the zoomies.

They’re a totally normal thing for dogs to experience, especially puppies. So what causes puppy zoomies? There are a few reasons that could trigger them in your puppy.

A lot of the time, zoomies are caused by boredom. If you’re not providing your puppy with the stimulation he needs every day, you might find him acting out! 

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you can avoid the zoomies by planning in the right amount of play a day.

He’s overtired or overstimulated

One really common reason why puppies get the zoomies is because they’re bored. But even though it might seem backwards, an equally common reason is because they’re overtired.

While it can seem weird at first, it helps when you think about what overtired human kids are like. Kids tend to lose control of themselves when they’re overtired or overstimulated. 

If you’ve spent time with a kid in this state, then you know how they might throw temper tantrums or act out.

Puppies will do the same thing! They’re just baby dogs, after all. And they might not be very good at regulating themselves and their feelings when they’re overtired already.

And that’s why instead of having the nap he needs, your puppy may instead be going crazy all of a sudden!

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He’s trying to get rid of an uncomfortable feeling

Being bored or being overtired are two common reasons why your puppy might be having zoomies. But there are other possibilities too.

Your little guy might also be feeling a little uncomfortable. If you’ve ever wondered why dogs get hyper after baths, it’s because the zoomies are one way for dogs to try and shake off an uncomfortable feeling. 

Maybe he’s rolled around in something and doesn’t like the way that it feels.

But it doesn’t have to be something physical. Maybe something stressful has happened and he’s trying to get rid of the feeling!

So one way to determine the cause of your puppy’s zoomies is to think about whether he might be feeling uncomfortable in some way.

a walk outside can be pretty exciting! but is your puppy going crazy all of a sudden because of that - or because he's rolled in something that feels weird on him?

He’s frustrated

Like human kids, puppies are still in the process of learning manners. While he’s still very young, your puppy doesn’t have the best manners. It’s up to you to teach them to him!

While you’re still in the process of teaching him, you might find that your puppy acts out quite a bit when he’s frustrated. In fact, feeling frustrated if something isn’t going his way could be a major trigger for zoomies.

Your puppy might just not understand that he’s not always going to get everything he wants. And if that’s frustrating him, then he might try to get rid of that frustrated energy with the zoomies.

One great way to help prevent this is by teaching your dog self-control. Your puppy needs to learn that going crazy all of a sudden is not how he’s expected to behave!

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What can I do when my puppy is going crazy all of a sudden?

When your puppy is going crazy all of a sudden, it’s usually for one of the following reasons: He could be bored or over tired, over excited, frustrated, or he wants to shake off an uncomfortable sensation or feeling.

Now you know what causes it—but what can you do about it?

When it comes to any kind of behavior like this, prevention is usually the best thing you can do. Knowing how much exercise a puppy should get will prevent both boredom and overstimulation.

And remember that puppies need about 18 to 20 hours of sleep every day while they’re still young. So providing your puppy a quiet place to sleep and enforcing naps will be really helpful.

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But it’s inevitable that your puppy will still get the zoomies sometimes! Most of the time zoomies last just a few minutes. But still, they can be pretty frustrating.

Here are some tips on dealing with zoomies while they’re happening.

Hold him still

Your puppy actually loses his self-awareness when he has the zoomies. He stops being aware of his body, which is partly why he acts so crazy!

So one quick fix for your dog’s zoomies is to just hold him still. Keeping him still helps bring some of that awareness back.

Hold him from behind with one hand gently holding the back of his collar. Put your other hand on his chest to keep him steady. This position will prevent your puppy from being able to reach and bite your hands.

You should only need to hold him like this for a minute or two.

when puppies go crazy, they can even lose their self-awareness all of a sudden

Give him a time out in the crate

Is your puppy crate trained yet? If you’re getting frustrated with your puppy’s zoomies, now’s the time to start!

Crates are a good place for your puppy to go and settle down when he’s been acting out. If your puppy has the zoomies, then he might need to go to his crate to calm down.

If his zoomies are caused by being overtired, then you’ll likely find that once he’s calmed, he passes right out for a good nap.

To learn more about crate training your puppy, here’s how to crate train a dog easily in 13 steps.

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Act and speak calmly

You might not realize it, but you are actually training your puppy at all times! Your puppy is always soaking up knowledge from you, and a lot of it is based on how you behave.

That means that if you are yelling or running around yourself, that will only make your puppy’s zoomies worse. He might even start thinking you’re playing a fun game with him, which will just encourage him more!

Instead, make sure to model the behavior you want to see. Act calm and speak quietly to show your puppy what you want him to be doing.

Related questions

Okay, so we’ve looked at why your puppy is going crazy all of a sudden and what you can do about it. Now let’s take a quick look at some related questions you might have.

How long do puppy crazies last?

If your puppy is acting crazy, one of your main questions is probably how long this behavior is going to last.

The good news is that your puppy’s zoomies probably won’t last longer than a few minutes. Most of the time, your puppy will be done with his zoomies in under 10 minutes. Sometimes they can last a little longer, though.

You can help your puppy settle down faster by using the above tips!

did your puppy go crazy all of a sudden because he is overstimulated?

Why is my puppy going crazy and biting?

One big way that your puppy’s zoomies might show themselves is by biting. Remember, puppies are still learning manners at this stage. And one way they’ve been interacting with the world up to this point is by biting and mouthing!

So when your puppy gets the zoomies, he might start using his mouth more. As painful as that is, there are ways to stop it.

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Why does my dog go crazy at night?

If you’re finding that your dog goes a little crazy before bed, that can be frustrating. It’s time for you both to settle down to sleep, but your dog simply refuses!

Your puppy could be having trouble calming down for bed for a few reasons. The most common reasons are that he’s either over or under stimulated. Giving your puppy the right amount of stimulation during the day will help.

Crating your puppy at night will also let him know that it’s bedtime, and time to settle down.

Why is my dog going crazy after a walk?

Walks are a really exciting time for your dog! There’s so much to hear and see and smell. With all of those cool things for your dog to check out while he’s walking, it’s easy to see why a walk can get a little overwhelming.

When he gets home, all that stimulation could make your dog act a little crazy. Giving him something to do that’s calming, like chewing, could help him settle down faster. 


As much as you love your puppy, dealing with zoomies is a really challenging part of having one. It can be hard to manage your puppy when he’s acting completely crazy!

The first step to helping your puppy is by determining what’s causing his zoomies. Knowing this will help you figure out the best way to help your little guy. With training and patience, you’ll find that your puppy has the zoomies less and less frequently. You’ll also find that he’s much calmer and more well-behaved.

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