Do puppies cry when they are tired?

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do puppies cry when they are tired

If your fur baby tends to be very whiny, you might wonder: do puppies cry when they are tired?

You might have observed that it usually happens at night or when he’s supposed to sleep. But instead of lying down and sleeping, he just whines and cries on end.

Does that sound familiar?

Well, then let’s get into if puppies really cry when they are tired. And more importantly, how you can calm an overtired puppy.

How do I know if my puppy is tired?

Puppies are a lot of work! If you are a proud puppy parent, then you already know this. You have to housetrain them, crate train them, and make sure they get enough exercise every day.

One of the unfortunate things about puppies is that it can be hard for them to regulate themselves. That’s why you need to also make sure that your puppy is getting enough sleep.

Some puppies know when they’re tired and will easily be able to let themselves nap. But other puppies have a more difficult time with this. But that’s exactly what you’re there for!

So how do you know if your puppy is tired? Sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference between an overstimulated puppy and a under stimulated puppy.

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A tired dog is a happy dog

If you’ve talked to other dog owners, then you’ve probably heard the saying, “A tired dog is a happy dog.”

But what exactly does that mean? Well, it doesn’t mean exhausting your dog to the point of being unhealthy. Over-exercising your puppy can be very harmful. Not only will stimulating him too much make it difficult to calm him down, but it could also hurt his development.

What the saying actually means is that there is a need to provide a healthy amount of stimulation for your pup.

Providing your dog with enough things to do will help keep him out of trouble. If your little guy is tuckered out from a fun day full of activities, he won’t feel the need to make his own fun!

Instead, your puppy should be calm, relaxed, and well-behaved.

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An overtired puppy is a very annoying puppy

Some puppies will just nap when they’re tired. But other puppies have a much harder time telling when they’re tired.

Plus, giving your puppy too much exercise could make him overtired. If you have an overtired puppy, you’re likely finding that your puppy is out of control and refuses to relax, even at night.

Many new puppy owners mistake this behavior for a sign that their puppy needs more exercise. But the opposite is true! That’s what can make this so confusing.

It’s usually easier to tell if you consider the context. Remember, puppies need about 18 to 20 hours of sleep each day. If you’re pretty sure your puppy hasn’t gotten that much sleep, then you can bet that he’s overtired.

Do puppies cry when they are tired?

Now let’s talk about why you’re here. Do puppies cry when they are tired?

If your puppy is crying a lot, then there are a few reasons why that could be.

Why is my puppy whining when lying down?

Some puppies just have a hard time settling down. He might be crying because he doesn’t feel like he’s ready to relax yet.

This is especially true for puppies who are feeling overstimulated. Your little guy wants to keep moving, not lie down and rest!

Usually, puppies in this situation will settle down after a bit. But you should still make sure that there’s not something more serious wrong. Your puppy might have an injury that pains him when he’s lying down. Check your puppy over to make sure that he’s not hurt anywhere.

Puppies cry for a bunch of different reasons

Many puppies whine and cry when they are tired. It’s sort of like when a baby or toddler gets overtired, and starts crying. They’re just not good at understanding what they’re feeling yet, and the only way they know how to deal with it is by crying!

So why is your puppy whining and crying? There are a few reasons why this might be happening.

It could be that he’s feeling stressed out or anxious. It could also be that he’s simply looking for your attention, and he knows whining will get it.

If you’ve only just brought your puppy home, then he might be crying because he feels lonely and confused. In time, he’ll get used to his new environment especially as he forms his bond with you!

Overtired puppies tend to get cranky

Do dogs get cranky when tired?

If you’ve noticed your puppy acting out more when he’s tired, you might be wondering if it’s actually crankiness or something else.

The fact is that yes, puppies can get very cranky when tired! Dogs are emotional creatures. Just like us, if they’re not getting their needs met, then they might start getting a little grumpy.

If you’re finding that your puppy is getting cranky frequently, then you need to make sure he’s getting more sleep! Here are 10 tips to make a dog go to sleep for some advice.

How to calm down an overtired puppy

Having an overtired puppy can be really frustrating. He needs to sleep, but he just doesn’t seem to understand that! Instead, all he wants to do is race around and keep moving. Or he won’t stop whining and crying, no matter what you do!

If you’re looking to help calm your puppy down, here’s some advice.

Hold him still

When puppies get overtired, they tend to lose awareness of themselves. They can have a difficult time understanding their own bodies.

One of the best ways to help an overtired puppy is by bringing awareness back to himself. And to do that, all you need to do is hold him still.

Hold your puppy from behind, with one hand gently holding the back of his collar. The other hand should be on his chest. Holding him in this position will help keep him from being able to bite your hands.

You shouldn’t need to hold him for a very long. Just a minute or two should be enough.

Put him in his crate

If your puppy is crate trained, then putting him in his crate to settle down will help a lot. His crate is a calm, quiet place where he can go to relax.

Remember, the crate isn’t a punishment! It’s just a place where your puppy can go to calm down. Keep the crate as a positive place where your puppy loves to hang out.

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Give him a chewy while in the crate

Once your puppy is in the crate, it’s a good idea to give him something to do. Otherwise he’ll just keep crying and complaining!

One of the best things  you can give him is something to keep his mouth busy. Dogs are mouth-based animals, and chewing makes his brain release serotonin.

Serotonin is responsible for feelings of wellbeing and relaxation. So, giving your puppy a chewy while he’s in the crate will help him settle down.

It will also keep his mouth busy, preventing him from whining and crying!

Prevent it next time

The best way to help an overtired puppy is to prevent him from being overtired in the first place.

Make sure that you’re only giving your puppy a healthy amount of exercise. So how much exercise should a puppy get, exactly?

That depends on a lot of things, including how old your puppy is as well as his breed. It will also depend on your puppy’s personality and stamina!

If you’re ever uncertain about the amount of exercise you should give your puppy, you can always ask your vet. They’re there to help you keep your puppy happy and healthy!

Do puppies whine when teething?

Just like human babies, puppies teeth. And also like human babies, it’s a pretty uncomfortable experience for puppies!

As your puppy loses his baby teeth and his adult teeth grow in, you may find him crying more than usual. Teething puppies are often also more hyper. This is totally normal!

And if you’re feeling frustrated, don’t worry. He’ll stop teething eventually and settle down.

Do puppies get tired of whining?

If your puppy is crying and crying and crying, you might wonder if he’ll ever stop. So do puppies ever get tired of all that whining?

The short answer is no. It’s pretty hard for a puppy to get tired of crying. In fact, most puppies will just whine until something happens that puts a stop to it.

If your puppy is whining a lot, then it might be time to put him in his crate for a while. This will help him settle down and stop crying.


A whining puppy can be really frustrating to deal with. If your puppy is crying a lot, then you might be wondering why that is.

One of the most common reasons is that he’s tired. You should make sure that your puppy is getting his 18 to 20 hours of sleep every day. Not only will this help keep him healthy and rested, but it will also help him behave better, too!

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